Best Money Saving Methods for Car Battery Reconditioning

The best of money saving methods for car battery reconditioning can get inspired by the procedures explained in the e-book named EZ battery reconditioning program. This book is written by an expert in the electrical systems connected to the automotive sector. By using the techniques explained in this book you will be able to prolong the life of your car battery for many years. The obvious benefit is you will save on the buying of new battery. The quality of electricity supplied by the reconditioned battery will also improve considerably. To what an extent this improvement happens is something to be discovered after reading the e-book. You can find more information about the methods when you visit the official website created by the author.

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The process of electricity generation from the traditional car battery is the result of chemical reaction between the lead plates and the solution of sulfuric acid in which the plates are immersed. Over a period of time, the plates start getting corroded by the strong acid. At one stage the chemical reaction between the two stops and the battery has to be replaced or the lead plates have to be replaced. Both the equations can prove to ve highly expensive.

  • Battery Cleaning: – The process of cleaning the battery can be time consuming, especially when it comes to working with the electrical contacts and terminals. The traditional methods used steel brushes to remove the depositions over them. But there was no practical way in which the depositions on the lead plates could be removed. By using the brushes there was a fear of damaging the plates. Hence the older methods used a gentle cleaning liquid which only removed the surface depositions of rust and dirt from the plates. But the deposits of sulfur remained, getting thickened over a period of time. In some of the old batteries you can see the sulfation deposits are thicker compared to the lead plate thickness.
  • Reverse-Sulfation: – Reverse sulfation is a process by which the layers of sulfur are removed from the lead plates by using a non corrosive solution. But the effects of this liquid is so powerful that it can peel away all the layers without a trace, leaving the plates clean and shining! It is said the condition of the plates could be near to the new one in quality, when the proper procedures are adopted in the reverse sulfation process.

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  • Proper Methods: – Using the right kind of liquid alone may not do the trick. The method has to be professional and accurate. Only then it is possible to perform the perfect reverse sulfation without affecting the lead plates in a negative manner. According to the methods devised by Tom Ericson both the purposes are achieved in an effective manner. The application of these methods could vary depending on the battery age, sulfur deposition thickness and the quality of lead plates used in the battery. You can find more information at the website link shown above.