Customized Debt Recovery Solutions from Alexander Miller & Associates

Customized debt recovery solutions from Alexander Miller & Associates are based on the expertise and experience of the team members. Specialization in corporate and commercial collections with knowledge of the state and federal laws makes them unique service providers for your kind of business. The procedures followed by the agency for secure recovery are split into several steps, each one supported by analysis, documentation, interpretation and implementation. By the time the procedures are complete your debt recovery process gets initiated. Monitoring and managing this process is another service rendered by Alexander Miller & Associates.

Debt Analysis and Recovery by Alexander Miller & Associates

The analysis phase starts with collection of data about your debtor company, its infrastructure, business model, known and unknown resources of funds, debt history, corporate culture and financial status etc.

  • A dedicated database is created to record all the details accurately. This serves as a foundation for all the future recovery procedures.
  • The data published by the company for the public is scrutinized and split into the above specified categories.
  • Legally valid investigative research is launched into the undeclared sources of data. The  classified information collected from the sources is securely stored in the databases in encrypted format.
  • The financial experts at Alexander Miller & Associates launch an analysis of data to create documents relating to the financial stability, capacity of repayment, time requirement and other related details.
  • This data is passed onto the negotiating team which consults with you about the possible procedures to be adopted based on the ground realities.
  • The team meets your debtor and submits the schedule for repayment terms and conditions. Negotiations are held to ensure complete debt recovery with interest and other overheads. The recommended procedures depend on the type of debt, its volume, outstanding time and other financial factors.
  • If the negotiations are fruitful, the team prepares the document for repayment agreement and schedule, gets the sign and seal of the debtor company management and submits a copy to your reference. Monitoring and managing the recovery process can be done by Alexander Miller & Associates on special request from you.
  • If the negotiations don’t go through as expected, Alexander Miller & Associates briefs its legal team about the outcome of the meeting with your debtors. The legal team probes into all possible angles of the case and suggests options for the legal recovery modes. You take a final call on the procedures to be adopted.
  • Legal proceedings are launched into the debt recovery process with the filing of a legal suit at the court of law. Follow up is done and documentation works are completely managed by the experts at Alexander Miller & Associates. All the trials sessions are managed by the legal experts. Submission of documents, verification of testimonials, cross examination of witnesses and related individuals are carried out according to the legal procedures.
  • Once the judgment is issued by the court of law, the follow up of monitoring and managing the recovery process is initiated with the support of the legal system by Alexander Miller & Associates.