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Watch Shrek movie on android devices with the help of Mobdro App. Shrek is a very famous animated movie. It is basically a fairy tale. It has six parts the first part of shrek movie was introduced in cinemas for viewers were in 2001. It was directed by dream work animation. After that Shrek two and Shrek three, Shrek they halls, Scared Shrekless, Shrek forever, Shrek forever were also introduced.

Shrek was a story of an ugly Ogre. Who lived in swam and loves taking mud baths one night he was sleeping on his home. Suddenly he heard some noise outside his swam when he came out he say a group of fares he get angry by this. Fares told them that the king throughout them from his empire and send them in this swam. Shrek thought to went to the king and talk about his swam.

Watch Shrek on Mobdro App

Kind wanted to marry with princes she was in a castle and a dragon was responsible for the security of the castle. When Shrek came to the king and talk about this matter. King kept a condition, Shrek rescue the princes in order to get his land. Shrek accepted this condition and after a thrilling struggle he rescues the princes. In the struggle of Shrek a donkey was along with him which was his friend. During all this Shrek and princes fall in love with each other. Shrek think that he was ugly and princes were very beautiful so he never express his love to the princess.

He brought princes to the king. But he could not be able to control his love and emotions for the princess he was coerce due to his love and he started a war with king. At the end of the story princess was able to get his love.

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