Everything you should know about eyelash extensions

 Lash extensions are a huge hype these days. It is making the life of beauty lovers easier. The trouble of putting heavy coats of high end mascaras and false lashes are gone with the introduction of eyelash extensions. It is true that every woman yearns for a great pair of lashes but unfortunately many are not born with so, again there are a set of women who like to enhance their beauty even more by applying a set of lash extensions. The solution is quite easy and quick but only will cost you some bucks.

Lash extensions come with a lot of pros and cons. Therefore before you are going for the procedure make sure that you get a thorough detail about it. It is very important that you dig deep into researching all the pros and cons attached to it as it is involving the most sensitive organ of our body which is the eye. Eyelashes protect our eyes by behaving like a curtain and therefore when a foreign hair is replacing the natural one, there can be issues. However lash extensions do not mean that the natural ones are taken off but some foreign hair to act as lashes are attached to your lids.


The before and after experience of getting eyelash extensions

Lash extensions is a very tricky and intense process. It may be suitable for some and again it may not for some. Definitely these lashes are not real but you will have to make sure that you’re not facing any allergic reaction due to this. Before you get your extensions, perform a deep research on it, regarding the type and the style of lashes you want, for how long you want them, the kind of lash glue you want for you eyelashes etc. You will have to look into these points no matter what. Then you will have to consult with your specialist regarding everything you are looking for. The whole process will take a time of 2 hours and after which if your experience goes successfully you will be able to have amazing lashes.

There will be a huge difference after you get your lash extensions. Like before you will not have to spend loads on mascaras and false lashes. Your beauty routine will take a lot less time than usual. You will be able to feel the difference when you will start receiving compliments for it.


Consult with a doctor

 No matter what happens you will have to consult with your doctor first and check with him or her whether you are fit to get lash extensions or not. If the doctor claims that you will get into trouble after this experience then it is advised to not perform it. However, if your results are approving it then you can surely go for it. But you will have to bear in mind no matter how positive the results are there will be some sort of issues when you first apply it and then when you go to the clinic after almost a year to take it off.