Debtor Communication from Alexander, Miller & Associates

Debtor Communication from Alexander, Miller & Associates considers all the regulations of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices (FFDCP). Their aim is to convince them about the imminent benefits of repaying the debts within the scheduled period of time. But as you might have experienced, this is a seriously tough task! Being caught between the unresponsive debtors and over sensitive FFDCP is no joke at times. Most of the times you might be tempted to give up your efforts for getting the outstanding balances cleared. This is when the expertise and experience of Alexander, Miller & Associates come to your rescue.

Alexander, Miller & Associates Alexander, Miller & Associates – Communication Protocols

During their communication with your debtors, Alexander, Miller & Associates submit all the evidences including the books of accounts, pending invoices, aging debt reports and other financial statements from your end.  This will help your debtors to verify with their books of accounts and confirm the outstanding debt.

Every communication with the debtor is a soft step towards enlightening them about the need to repay the debts. Alexander, Miller & Associates supports every mail with attachments related to accounting and financial statements of the debts.

In many of the cases your debtors might acknowledge the outstanding payments and agree to repay. This might happen during communication or during negotiations. In such instances the experts from Alexander, Miller & Associates prepare the agreement and schedule papers according to the FFDCP.

Alexander, Miller & Associates – Debtor Refusal to Repay

  • Non Conformance: – The real problem starts when the debtor refuses to acknowledge the outstanding balance and challenges you to prove your claim.
  • Private Investigations: – Alexander, Miller & Associates have dedicated private investigators who can legally gather all the details from the original books of accounts at the debtor’s location. Being e-documents they can get the authoritative signature of the debtor company management acknowledging the debts they owe you. Once these evidences are in place they can cross check them with your books of accounts and prepare a detailed report. Of course these proceedings will happen in parallel to the formal communication and convincing efforts by Alexander, Miller & Associates. If the negotiations fail, the agency prepares to file lawsuit against your debtor. They gather all the evidences related to the debts and file the case in the court of law.

Alexander, Miller & Associates – Debtor Agrees to Repay

Alexander, Miller & Associates

Agreeing to repay the debts and signing the contract is only the first part of the task by Alexander, Miller & Associates. In the second part they have to follow up consistently with the debtors and ensure monthly payments on time. If the debtor carries any outstanding balances during this period also, the agency will seriously think of taking legal action against them. They keep communication with the debtors about every action plan to be implemented in the near future for collection of debts. The final effort is of course the action to recover the payments by claiming possession to the assets of debtors. Alexander, Miller & Associates ensure legal freedom to you during this process.