Are You Looking for Best Hand Blenders? Here’s What to Look for

Hand blenders are considered to be one of the widely used kitchen appliances in Indian households as they are used in different preparations. It is used heavily to make curry, sauce, and chutney of various foods. It features a blade which can deal with heating temperature and hence, you can puree food even in the cooking pan. It significantly saves your effort and time.

What to Look For while Choosing Hand Blenders?

Hand blenders are widely used to prepare baby food, salad dressing, smoothie, or soup etc. There are different blades come with hand blades to whisk egg, cream or chop food like garlic and onion well. If you are looking for a hand blender for everyday cooking, here’s what you need to look for –


Countertops or Immersion

Immersion blenders are also called as stick blenders. These are basically small and handheld blenders connected to rotating blade at the end of long stick. Usually, such types of blenders are used in different ingredients with glasses or bowls. They work well to puree a soup or sauce.


Countertop blenders, as the name suggests, are made for counter top as they have a large jar which is connected to a stand that has blender controls. You can use such types of blenders for food and smoothies or also to crush the ice. These are two different types of blenders which have some kind of overlapping jobs but their appearance and size are varied widely.



There are two variations of horsepower in blenders. First is peak or maximum horsepower. When blender is on, the horsepower takes place. It is not the actual horsepower where it runs in. Another is known as horsepower which is steady and something that motor could maintain.


Hence, you need to be careful of the promotion where one brand is showing their peak horsepower where another brand can promote the actual horsepower. You need to choose the right blender without any doubt.


You may differentiate between the motors by looking for the wattage directly as it will show up the actual power of motor. Remember one thing – 1 HP is equal to 746 watts.



Blenders have variations in their controls. The number of blending options is subject to differ in various blenders. For example, some of the blenders have 3 speeds and others have options for puree, blend, smoothie, and crushed ice. It’s up to you as how many of these options you need for the desired blender.


Some models may come with manual controls to press and hold down for choosing the speed. Hit other button to change speed. Along with manual, you can also choose microprocessor blenders which have programmed blend cycles. Simply press the button and it will take care of the rest. For more info, simply visit