The Impact of The Prophet’s Migration to Medina

The migration of Prophet Muhammad to Medina Altered the Place and spread of Islam into a great stretch. The initial title of Medina was Yathrib; the Prophet renamed the town to Medinat ul-Munawwarah (The town of light). While in Medina, The Prophet ﷺ and his people finally became a power that the Quraysh had to compete with. The Muslims defeated the Quraysh in several battles afterwards (Ref: Happy Muslim Family blog). The Muslims’ migration into the city had an enormous effect on Islam as it enabled the Muslims to form a community in which the Prophet was at the helm of affairs. This laid the foundations for the future successes of Islam for several centuries that followed.

In this Guide we will take a look at some of the events which hugely helped shape the faith and its people following the Prophet and his people migrated into the town of light.

#1. Bonds of Brotherhood

Among the first acts that the Prophet ﷺ did following the Muslims coming in Medina Was forming a brotherhood between the migrants (Muhajirun) and their sponsor, the Ansar (the helpers). This singular act laid the basis for brotherhood, unity, compassion and uniqueness among the Muslims. The Muslim migrants could have faced lots of financial difficulties if it weren’t for this act of creating bonds of empathy between the migrants and their hosts. This tendency that was adopted after the migration proceeds among Muslims to this day. Muslims all around the world see and respect each other through this prism of brotherhood that shows the uniqueness, unity and beauty of Islam.

#2. The Call to Prayer

It was while in Medina that the necessity to call the ever growing Muslim community to prayer during each of the designated prayer times became more apparent. Bilal (R.A.) has been appointed as the first muezzin to call out the gorgeous words of the Adhan (call to prayer). Today, this forecast that was made 1438 decades ago is made five times per day in hundreds of thousands of locations throughout the world.

#3. Facing The Ka’bah During Prayer

It was while in Medina which Allah ordered the Prophet and the Muslims to face the Qibla (direction toward the Ka’bah in Mecca). Earlier this they had to turn toward Jerusalem when praying. Today the entire Muslim Ummah faces the Ka’bah when praying.

#4. The Permission To Fight

The Muslims fought back against the non-believers just after Allah had given them the permission to fight back when they were threatened with assault from the Quraysh. This permission was created by Allah in the revelation of verse 39 of surah 22 of the Quran.

It was while in Medina that many people converted to Islam. States were defeated one after another and Islam spread and jumped to great heights. The migration thus turned into a new page for Islam and Muslims. Today Muslims even owe their calendar into the migration from Mecca to Medina. Surely the migration of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his companions from Mecca to Medina leaves an indelible effect on Islam and the lives of its adherents.