What are some things to know about buying homes in Antioch?

There are many cities found in the Contra Costa County area, and the third largest city in that region is Antioch. This is a city in the east bay area, and Antioch has around one hundred thousand people living there. Being so close in proximity to major urban centers such as Oakland and San Francisco City, it is no wonder that many people are choosing to buy homes there. The city of Antioch is full of prime real estate. And many people, especially those that are working in San Francisco City, are actively purchasing homes within Antioch. Here is what you should know before purchasing one of the many Antioch homes that you can find in the city.

“Bedroom” city

Antioch city is actually known as a bedroom city. This is because many people purchase Antioch homes and then commute to work in San Francisco City, or to the other cities that surround the area. So if you plan on getting a job in the tech industry, being so close to San Francisco, Antioch is actually the perfect place for you to live in. The commute is not that long at all, and you should be able to get home in time if you ever decide to have an office job located in San Francisco.


The climate around Antioch is pleasant all-year round. It never gets too hot or cold, which is typical of the Bay Area climate. This is also a good thing for heating and cooling bills since you never have to change the thermostat much if you ever plan on living in Antioch.

Neighborhoods in Antioch

Some of the neighborhoods that you should know about before moving to Antioch are Nortonville and Stewartville. These two areas are full of Antioch homes for sale. And best of all, those homes are family-sized.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Antioch is around 10% higher than the rest of the nation. However, you have got to compare that to the cost of living in the rest of the Bay Area. It is much cheaper to live in Antioch compared to San Francisco City itself.

Public transportation

Antioch city does not have an airport servicing it. But there are airports in Oakland, San Francisco, and even the Sacramento International Airport is nearby.

Be sure to always do research on an area if you are ever planning to move there. This is because there are a ton of things that you have got to know about before you end up purchasing a new home in a new location. The kind of Antioch homes that you can choose around in the city will vary. So be sure to consider all of the things that were just listed. If you do consider these various factors carefully, then you should be able to settle on the best property that will suit your needs. Remember, Antioch is a sizeable city, so you will need to be careful about which area you choose to buy a piece of property in.