A Synopsis Of Athlete’s Foot Home Remedies

We walk all the day and work hard for many purposes and in most of the cases we end up with blisters, unpleasant odor and a fungus called athlete’s foot.  In this article, we will give an overview of Athlete’s Foot Home Remedies that help to cure blisters and kill the fungus. A tip we will provide you with in the starting of the article that always wears open shoes, especially in summer to keep fungus away from your feet.


What Is An Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is an infection in which fungus onslaught on your feet. The fungus attacks in particular between the toe webs. The main reason that fungus attacks the dead cells of the skin is wetness. The fungus loves to hang out in the damp and moist places, and you become the victim of athlete’s foot when you spend much time at those locations. Athlete’s foot is not that much serious infection but can be worst if not treated properly. It may also spread to the other parts of body as well. So, do not scratch the fungus from feet.

What Are The Symptoms Of Athlete’s Foot?

The question may arise that how can we diagnose that it is athlete’s foot. The symptoms that appear on your skin alarm that you have become a victim of athlete’s foot. You may get fever also when you are affected by the fungus, but general symptoms are itching, scaling, inflammation, red rashes. The worst case is when you get blisters on your feet. The oozing blisters cause pain for you.

Top 10 Home Remedies Natural

What Are The Causes Of Athlete’s Foot?

There could be many causes of getting athlete’s foot, but the most common are when you spend most of your time around the swimming pool areas, locker rooms or public showers. The reason is that these are the wet places and fungus loves to breed in damp environment. The other causes of athlete’s foot are exchanging clothes with others, wearing dirty socks and tight shoes all the time. You are more prone to get athlete’s foot if your immune system is weak or you are a patient of diabetes.

Which Natural Remedies Would Work?

Athlete’s Foot Home Remedies are best if you are suffering from a mild infection Otherwise, visit your doctor immediately:

  • Soak your feet in the solution of two tablespoons of Himalayan salt and half cup organic apple cider vinegar. It creates acid that kills the fungus.
  • Use ozonated olive oil twice a day and you will see the positive results soon.
  • Spray colloidal silver on the affected area of your feet. Leave it overnight and let it dry.
  • Take crushed organic ginger and add it to the boiling water. When it becomes cool, then soak your feet into it.

Tea tree oil is best natural ingredient to be used in athlete’s foot treatment. Add tea tree oil to water and soak your feet in that solution at least for ten minutes. You will get rid of athlete’s foot by using natural remedies inflatabel hot tub