Plagiarism Fallacies that You Should Know

Every students and blogger who is knowledgeable about what plagiarism is and its consequences do not want themselves to commit plagiarism. The consequences are just so serious that committing plagiarism can instantly destroy their careers. Plagiarizing students often get suspended or expelled from school. On the other hand, plagiarizing bloggers have their websites rank low on search engines and others get their website shut down. Worst of all is the shame one can get from committing plagiarism.

It really is very embarrassing to have people look at you as if you were a thief. But you are a thief if you commit plagiarism. Now, to help you prevent yourself from committing plagiarism, you should know the plagiarism fallacies that most people still have in their minds. Such fallacies, when believed, can lead one to still commit plagiarism, even if they are aware or unaware that they area already doing it. This article will discuss those you. In addition, you will also learn from here the use of a plagiarism tool to combat plagiarism.

Your Professors Want Their Words Included in Your Written Assignments

A lot of people, especially students believe that when their professors assign them to write a written assignment, they need to incorporate the exact words or their professors and any other credible source into their assignments. However, this is not the case. You can always learn from your professors and use the ideas they have taught you using your own words and not the exact statements they have stated. With that, you may be able to prevent plagiarism. But once you use this information made by your teachers using your own words, make sure to cite.

Posting a Single Article into Multiple Websites Will Not Hurt You In Any Way

This is clearly a fallacy among website owners and bloggers. It was never ever okay to post duplicate contents on the internet. Posting a single article into your multiple websites will only you’re your websites even more. Search engines will detect these articles as duplicate contents and a consequence, they will lower the rankings of your website. As a result, you will lose traffic, leads, and worst of all, profits.

No More Need for References When Citations Are Used

This is clearly a fallacy. Citations and references always come together. This implies that when you cite, there should always be a reference list included into your paper. This is what a lot of students always mistake about. They do not provide a list of references when they cite. As a result, they get punished for committing plagiarism.

To help you with avoiding plagiarism, you can use a very special tool called the plagiarism tool. Such a tool you can use to determine the percentage originality of your paper and if it is already worth submitting as an original paper written by you.