WiFi Adaptor

What is a WiFi Adaptor And How Does it Work?

Wifi adapters are the electronic devices that connect the computer to the internet.

It makes the connection possible with other computers too without the need of cable or wires.

There is also an adaptor that allows you to convert the send the wireless signal and receive through an ethernet connection.

Such adapter is termed as the wifi to ethernet adapter.


Wifi adapter sends data through radio waves to the router.

These routers then pass the waves to the modems or the internal network.

  • Many laptops already have built-in wifi adaptors.
  • On the desktop computer, such adaptors need to be installed separately.

Types of Adapters:

A wifi adaptor gets the signals from the computer and the change it to the radio waves.

It then sends out the signals through the antenna.

  • For a desktop, the electronic card is put intent he PCI slot from the inside of the computer case or into the USB port form the outside.
  • Many laptops get this adaptor as a built-in feature, but for the laptops missing this functionality, the electronic card is fit in the PCMCIA slot or into the mini PCI slot on the in the side of the computer.
  • To give this functionality to the tablet and the notebooks, the card is fit into the memory card slot.
  • An antenna extends out from the computer back in case of the desktop PCs while some other cards have got the antenna inside the case of the card.

The most common types of the wireless adapters are:

1) External WiFi Adaptor:

It provides the wifi connectivity to the desktop PCs.

2) Bluetooth:

Although it does not provides the internet access, but it gives some other functionality.

It makes possible the wireless data transfer between the device that has Bluetooth enabled on them.

3) Cellular Wireless Adaptor:

The cellular modem is also referred to as broadband adapters or the broadened cards.

They provided the capability to access the 3G and 4G service from the smartphones.

4) WiFi PCI Card:

It is plugged into the PCI slot of your PC or laptops.

It provides the 802.11n standard functionality to your device.

Wireless Standards:

The radio waves by the wifi adapter needs to follow any one of the 802.11 standards of the IEEE.

  • These standards reveal the data transfer speed at which the adaptor broadcasts.
  • The adapters that use the most recent standard also pride the functionality of supporting the older standards.


The signals are broadcasted from your PC by the wireless adaptor with a range of almost 200 feet.

Anyone having the wireless adaptor installed on their system can get your signal and access your file easily.

Thus the security of the wireless network is very essential for the business to protect sensitive material.

  • Therefore such adapters make use of encryption to avoid this unauthorized access.
  • The password-protected protocols are offered by the WEP, WPA and wPA2 protocols.
  • They also provide encrypted transmission for the wifi networks.
  • To use this protocol the adapter needs to support them.
  • The strongest of the three protocols is WPA2.


  • No need to have an ethernet cable to get an internet connection
  • No need to install any extra hardware
  • It makes your computer cable free
  • It can connect multiple devices to the internet.
  • No need to upgrade your PC.