Cooling and Cost Benefits of Running Evaporative Air Conditioning system

Evaporative coolers carry a number of distinct advantages. If you live in any part of the city  and are looking for a new air conditioning system for your workplace or home, here’s something you ought to know. With evaporative coolers, you get optimal cooling while allowing much needed humidity in  the dry air of your home or workplace. Because evaporative air conditioning  of systems of commercial hvac davenport employ the natural principle of evaporation which humidifies air, they are ideal for the hot, dry climate of any region. They’re a lot cheaper to run compared to refrigeration air conditioners too!

commercial hvac installation davenport ia Evaporative air conditioning— a low cost alternative to traditional cooling

  • Evaporative coolers of commercial hvac davenport are designed based on the principles of evaporation. When water evaporates, the effect is that it humidifies the air, which in turn cools the area around it.

  • When an evaporative cooler is in operation, windows should be left partially open to allow warm air to escape outside as cool humidified 100 percent fresh air fills your home.

  • Not only do evaporative coolers cost half as much as traditional air conditioners to install, they also consume 70 to 80 percent less energy compared to refrigerant based air conditioners.

commercial hvac installation davenport ia

  • Choosing to use evaporative air conditioning of commercial hvac davenport would be a wise decision since this cooling system works best in areas with low humidity and consumes minimal power. Contrast that with traditional air conditioners that dry up the air and suck up a lot of power and, you know right away you’re a sure winner with evaporative coolers.

Evaporative air conditioners vs. traditional cooling systems

 Evaporative cooling is a completely natural process that allows 100 percent fresh air to fill your home. In stark contrast to refrigerated systems that recycle stale air, evaporative systems are a healthy alternative and a welcome relief for sufferers of asthma and allergies.

Below is a list of the many advantages of evaporative cooling systems:

  • Fills your home or office with fresh air
  • Uses 75 percent less energy compared to traditional systems
  • Cheap purchase and installation costs
  • Windows and doors can be left open
  • Ensures full ventilation
  • Drives out odors and stale air
  • Adds humidity into the air, helping to prevent dry eyes and skin.
  • Humidifying Nature: Air coolers are capable of humidifying dry air keeping your body as well as room furniture and fabrics moist and cool. As a result of this, you can prevent drying of skin as well as increase the life of your furniture.
  • Eco-Friendly: Air coolers offer eco-friendly option for air cooling. They do not require chemical coolants for operation and consume very less electricity.
  • Saves you Money: Lesser power consumption of commercial hvac davenport can help you save money on electricity bill.