New Lock Installations by Sacramento Locksmith

New lock installation from Sacramento locksmith is a specialized service for residential, commercial and automobile security systems. You may need it for new home, business center, shopping mall or to replace existing old locks. The service providers have an inventory of various lock types including mechanical, electro mechanical, electromagnetic, electronic and the smart chip based locks.  Doors, windows, garages, automobiles and other sensitive accessible places can be installed with the locks. The services are rated to b highly confidential, personalized and reliable by the existing customers in Sacramento city and county regions.

Sacramento locksmith
Mechanical Locks from Sacramento Locksmith

Installation of mechanical locks can be in the form of integrated door locks, padlocks, deadlocks, cam clocks, cylindrical profile locks as well as wall mounted locks.

  • The Sacramento locksmith analyzes the type of door, its location and the type of security needed before suggesting the most optimum type of lock. Every type of lock requires unique set of tools and equipment. For example installation of cam lock requires procedures involving base hole drilling, positioning of lock and cam installation. The three step procedure may look simple to read, but the practical procedure may be time consuming. The Sacramento locksmith follows the guidelines of installation strictly. At the same time he knows how to use his technical instincts to vary the procedures to suit the practical situations he comes across during installation.
  • Installation of deadlock requires drilling of holes according to the assembly. The locksmith makes sure the distance between the knob and the lock is at least 10 to 13 inches. This helps you in handling the knobs and lock independent of each other. Then he draws the initial sketches on the door by placing the lock in its intended position. Then he drills the required number of holes at the marked locations. He places the lock in its location and fastens all the screws, bolts and nuts according to manufacturer specifications. This completes the installation procedure.

Electro Mechanical Locks from Sacramento Locksmith

The center line of the lock and of the door leaf needs to be aligned with each other perfectly before making any other moves in installation.

  • The voltage range is maintained between twelve and twenty four VDC/AC with a tolerance of =/- 10%. Sacramento locksmith has clear instructions about the specifications for lock bolt sensor, power utilization, packing material, stud bolt location etc. he follows them precisely and installs the lock. Recommended locations are those which need maximum level of security in your home. The volume of internal fixtures used and the security settings made determines the safety and reliability factors.
  • Since most of the electro mechanical locks are battery based, its reliability and lifetime are considered to be critical. Sacramento locksmith ensures the installation of auto recharging battery by connecting it to the source of AC output. The installation of such system could be bit complex in nature, but worth the effort. Now your lock battery never runs out of charge.

Sacramento locksmithThe Sacramento locksmith services for security and lock system maintenance helps in keeping the locks in working conditions for long time.