4 Tourist Attractions In Batam Resort Beach : Interesting And Romantic

batam resort beach The small town is an industrial city is indeed quite fast growth. Batam is the purpose of domestic workers to seek a job, because there stood a few large companies that require a lot of manpower. No wonder the island has a more rapid economic growth than in other cities. In addition one of the cities included in the Riau archipelago has a very strategic location that is close to Singapore and Malaysia, with their many shopping facilities and also an attractive tourist destination, Batam make foreign tourists love to visit Batam, there are many batam resort beach that you can visit. For those of domestic tourists who want to try to see the beauty of the city of Batam, here are a few sites you can visit.


An idyllic location for enjoying the atmosphere of the sunset, the Marina beach is a beach that is quite favored by tourists. Opposite the Singapore state you will be able to clearly see the buildings of skyscrapers that exist in the country. especially if the night you can see the sparkling lights that exist in the rich countries.

Coastal Marina travel presents a very good family, because there are also a playground for the kids, do not miss all you can stay around the Marina beach because it has provided some of the inn at the same restaurant to entertain you while enjoying the beach atmosphere.


Barelang bridge is an icon of Batam, basically a bridge is built to facilitate the growth of industry in the city of Batam, because the presence of the bridge Barelang inter-island transportation system becomes easier.

Among the islands united by Barelang bridges are girder island, new shore islands, the island Rempang, NYPA islands and islets watch. Barelang itself is an acronym with stands Batam, Rempang and Galang.

Lots of travelers who stopped for a moment on the bridge, to see the beauty of the surrounding scenery and also do not forget to take pictures with the background of the bridge Barelang.

Nongsa beach

Nongsa is a district in the city of Batam, became famous because there are beautiful beaches which ultimately also called Nongsa beach. On this beach you will see small waves safe and comfortable place to be a place to bathe and play with the children.

Extensive fine white sand stretches and you can make as a place for lounging with a close friend or family. as far as the eye can see you will not only see but also the panoramic beach location that happens Singapore state the opposite and quite close.

In order to achieve this Nongsa Beach you do not take a long time because it is located quite close to the airport, you only need less than 10 minutes to get to the beach location.

Melur beach

One of the prime tourist city of Batam, which is very interesting to visit, the beauty lies in the melur beach of white sand gently sloping and smooth, crystal clear sea water panorama. In this melur beach you can do some sports activities such as beach volleyball, swimming, water play or just sit back on the beach. Surrounded by trees that shade the beach melur have fresh air and very clean.