Blossom Music Center Is The Perfect Place For A Perfect Timeout

If you wish to spend a brilliant family time in the evening, don’t think twice and head to the Blossom Music Center. It is an open-air amphitheatre situated at Cuyahoga Falls on Ohio. Blossom Music Center, Ohio is also the summer home of the Cleveland Orchestra and hosts the annual Blossom Festival with their own performances. The venue is not just meant for the Blossom Festival but also holds a plethora of summer schedules comprising of popular musical acts, musical festivals and symphonic performances.

Where does it maps at and what about the accomodation?

Blossom Music Center, Ohiois located in an environment filled with serenity and tranquillity. Amidst the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, it sprawl over an area of 800 acres on natural wood. It is ten miles in the north of downtown Akron and about 33 miles to the south of downtown Cleveland. It is within the reach and limits of Cuyahoga Falls, which is also one of the earliest communities who inhabited in Ohio. The pavilions present in the amphitheatre can accommodate a population upto 5700 people. Whereas if you don’t find a seat there, you can always opt for the hillside lawn and the expansive sitting area that can accommodate another 13500 patrons.

Why will you discover Blossom Music Center as the ultimate retreat?

Blossom Music Center, Ohio

The Blossom Pavilion which is located at the heart of Blossom Music Center, Ohio, have good facilities for the pavilion within great line of sight. The seating are covered up while the lawn is open. The Blossom ground is also open to a lot of unique facilities. Some of those prominent facilities includes the Porthouse Theatre Company, The Knight Grove Party, The Blossom Grille, and The Bandwagon Gift Shop. The Eells Gallery is where all the regional and national artworks are put in exhibition. There is also facilities for restrooms. You can always have a glance of the gardens while you sit on the gallery like the Emily’s Garden, Herbert E. Strawbridge Garden, and Frank E. Joseph Garden.

The facilities which are catered to every visitors at the Center

The Blossom Music Center, Ohiois the summer home to The Cleveland Orchestra, since its inception in the year of 1968. You can feel more than you naturally feel within the ambiance of the Music Center. The Blossom Grille will provide you a variety of freshly prepared dishes along with a selection of drinks also. Even if you don’t come with your picnic basket, you can always choose from the boxed dinner menu catered by the Grille.

Blossom is not here to empty your coffers – Affordability is their key to popularity

The Blossom Music Center, Ohioencourages participation of the whole family and is very affordable to the pockets. Purchase a Lawn Ticket Book and save upto $100. Moreover, you can pack you picnic if you want to save your money. Parking facilities are free but in case the free lots are filled, you would need to pay a minimum amount of charges as a parking fee.

Visit the Blossom Music Center, Ohio to have a beautiful experience

This Music Center is the perfect spot for an evening getaway with your friends, family or acquaintances. You can even plan your weekend retreat at this place or a timeout or can even suit yourselves to a romantic leisure.