Contentment of stay at the Parc Hotel in Briançon

Your adventure holiday travel at Serre Chevalier can get a kick start with the stay at the Parc Hotel in Briançon. As a traveler you can find many reasons for this. Comfort and luxury, location of the hotel, facilities and hospitality make this hotel one of the most preferred accommodations by many of the tourists visiting Serre Chevalier. Moreover the interiors of the hotel are designed to create ambient conditions for your peaceful stay with your family. Professional and friendly staff ensures zero disturbance and total privacy while providing homely and timely services.

Mind and Body relaxation – stay at the Parc Hotel in Briançon

  • You can use the temperature controlled swimming pools at the Parc hotel round the clock. Clean and chemical free water soothes your body while relaxing your mind.
  • The indoor swimming pool water is quite safe for your family. During winters and cold climatic conditions the water temperature is controlled to give you warm and tranquil experience.
  • The bar at Parc hotel is equipped with most modern seating arrangements. You can get exclusive French champagne, European wine and other high quality premium alcoholic beverages in here. You can also listen to Soul soothing music while you sip on your favorite champagne.
  • The restaurant at the Parc hotel has some of the finest food recipes in France. Hygienic and friendly interiors make your eating a pleasant experience.

Accommodation facilities – stay at the Parc Hotel in Briançon

  • Hotel Parc has 69 rooms. All of them are equipped with climate control facilities which make your stay warm and comfortable. High quality toiletries and bathing sets, hygienic bedding, elegant furniture, high end communication and entertainment, Spa and massage parlor and sauna are some of the unique features you get to enjoy during your stay at the Parc Hotel in Briançon.
  • Room service is timely and friendly. The staffs are highly disciplined and professional to the core. They are trained to respect your privacy at the same ensure complete care and attention.

Sauna – stay at the Parc Hotel in Briançon

This costs you extra, but the services are worth spending your money on. Most of the people who go for skiing make it a point to use the sauna to stretch out their muscles and get a steam massage. My personal experience here has been quite memorable. I could stretch my body in the sauna and feel the steam flowing through the pores of my skin. Spending about half an hour in here rejuvenated my entire body and extracted out all the accumulated stress from within.

Location and surrounding areas – stay at the Parc Hotel in Briançon

 Parc hotel is located right at the center of Briançon. You can simply walk to any corner of the city comfortably from here. If you are fond of shopping you can find many malls and shops selling gifts and souvenirs from all over France and products unique to Briançon. Ask for discounts when you buy anything over here and you shall get it with s smile. You surely will remember your stay at the Parc Hotel in Briançon.